Your Father's Moustache

After a failed attempt to visit the Moustache last time we came back at the first sign of some good patio weather. After all, the Coast has rated Your Father's Moustache's burger to be the second best in Halifax, and in general the Moustache is known around Halifax for having great food.

The patio itself was brilliant - probably one of the best patios I've seen in my life. It was a little early in the season, despite the sun, and the wind made things a little chilly, so I'd recommend going a bit later in the season next time if you're there for the patio. There are also a ton of stairs to climb to get up there, so you might want to leave the kids and old folks at home.

The burger itself comes in at $6. For another $2 for you can add bacon and cheese, and there's also the option to add another patty for $2. I ordered the standard burger to be fair, but to be honest the additional patty looked like a decent deal -- especially considering that you'd have to add bacon,cheese and the patty for hit the $10 price of the burger at Darrell's.

I felt that the burger was overcooked, but the flavour was there. It was probably a pre-made burger (not the homemade stlye that The Old Trangle Had), and I'd say that it was about the same quality of Darrell's. The bun was also excellent. The fries were great - crispy, enough potato that you could tell you were eating a french fry.

Overall the food was great, but I'd expected a bit more quantity. At the very least some more fries would have been nice. I can't complain about the $6 burger though - the price was decent enough. In general I'd recommend going to this place at least once, if not for the burger then for the patio.

Atmosphere: 5/5
Food: 4/5
Bang for your Buck: 3/5
Service: 3/5

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